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I hate this time of year. At the same time that we’re all stuffing our face, we’re also being told how to jump start our weight loss for the new year. I refuse to weigh myself right now, but am afraid when I finally do on Jan 1 I’m going to see a number way too high and totally freak out. Of course some may argue that I don’t need to weigh myself at all, but I also know that numbers can keep this shit from getting totally out of control – and also sometimes be reassuring when the 10 pounds I’m sure I gained turn out to only be two. 

But anyway, I digress. My resolution for the new year is not actually going to be to lose 15 pounds or whatever like it usually is. I’m trying to focus on health, because I know I’m super unhealthy despite being a “healthy” weight. I don’t eat enough fruits and veggies, I don’t exercise enough, I eat too much sugar and simple carbohydrates, I spend too much time online and don’t get enough sleep. So I want to reverse all those things. I want my focus to be not eating all the junk, because I’m hoping I’ll naturally replace that with fruits and veg. Or maybe I’ll focus on eating more fruit and veg and that will naturally edge out the junk. We’ll see. I still want to get an elliptical, but I can’t justify spending the money right now. Maybe once we clean the basement and I have somewhere good to put it…