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It’s amazing how the body reacts so quickly to a change in eating habits, positive or negative. The last couple weeks I was binging daily and was completely obsessed with thoughts of food. This week I finally broke the cycle – largely because I’d already eaten everything I would binge on and didn’t have anything left – and my mindset is completely different. I think I finally found the winning pattern for me; I’m not binging or restricting but just “dieting” like the rest of America, keeping it around 1200 cals. I have a low-sugar breakfast (usually either bran flakes and milk or an English muffin with peanut butter and sugar free preserves), then a banana for snack, then greek yogurt for lunch, then grapes for snack, then a single serving of dinner (generally chicken, veg, and wild rice), and some decaf tea later in the evening. I haven’t even thought about binging in four days, and yesterday I walked right by the candy isle and wasn’t even tempted. But I know as soon as I have that first bit of candy or other junk it’ll be all over and I’ll be back in the binge cycle. The only downside is I’m back to being cold all the time, but I guess that’s better then sweating like I was before. I just wish the fucking three feet of snow we have would go away so I could get back into running – it’s too dangerous to run in the road and the sidewalks are useless. But I guess one day at a time. Seriously considering buying a treadmill with my tax refund.


So kind of proud of myself. I’ve made it through the whole work week without binging once! Now if I can get through the weekend… Weekends are extra tough because there’s no structure. I need routine. During the week I’ve been doing breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack and I think that’s helped a lot to have a regular eating schedule. But on weekends I sleep late so breakfast is late and then there’s no morning snack but I’m not hungry at lunch so then I just end up having snack then, and then even if I have another snack in the afternoon I’m starving by evening and want to eat all the things. Also doesn’t help that I eat when I’m bored. Any advice?