I find it so strange how some days I have massive anxiety about every calorie, and some days I don’t care at all. This morning I was 125, which is more than I’d like but less than I was expecting, but rather than be encouraged to keep with the program I was like “I’m PMSing, let’s eat all the chocolates and drink the wine and not care.” But I will care in the morning when I get on the scale again. I will care this weekend when my husband wants to go to the beach and I can’t imagine wearing a bikini. I will care next week when it’s June and I’ve sworn off all processed snacks because I’m too fat. I will care when I’m trying to dress nicely for work and none of my pants fit. So why is it so hard to care in the moment? I know food won’t actually make things better long  run, so why do I always give in in the short term? 


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