Sorry I’ve been gone so long. 

I have just been doing absolutely nothing fitness- or diet-wise since my wedding almost three months ago and I guess I didn’t want to come on here and publicly admit defeat. 

Literally, nothing. I haven’t run a single mile, and have pretty much been stuffing my face nonstop with all the shit I was trying not to eat before my wedding (even tho I wasn’t even totally successful then either). 

My clothes don’t fit right; I’m too self-conscious to wear anything remotely form-fitting, and I want to cry every time I look in the mirror. But yet, I can’t seem to motivate myself to do anything about it. I’m always in the kitchen looking for food, even if I just ate and I know I’m not hungry, and no matter how many alarms I set in the morning I keep going back to sleep instead of running. 

The last time I got in a funk like this I gained 20 goddamn pounds; I cannot let that happen again! Some people lose their appetite when they’re depressed – I am not one of those people. But I already take meds and see a shrink; I don’t know what else to do here. Any suggestions? 

I thought maybe it was bc after finishing grad school and getting married I had nothing productive to focus on, but I’ve been taking online classes in computer science (for free!) and that hasn’t helped. But not taking classes doesn’t help either so it’s not due to stress.

Someone help me please!


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