It’s been a while

since I felt like writing. I’ve just been so stressed out with work and wedding planning I haven’t wanted to do anything else. But it’s finally here!! And of course last night everything finally boiled over and I b/p-d. So now I feel like my jawline is all puffy and my stomach is bloated – not how I want to look for my wedding photos!

I’m just so tired of being like this. I want to be able to have a little ice cream without eating the whole tub. I want to be able to have two or three cookies and not eat the whole package. I’m terrified to eat my wedding cake bc then I know I’ll be thinking about eating at least five more slices all night. 

The hubs and I are a hot mess, so I guess we go together – he can’t have just one beer, and I can’t have just one desert. 


One thought on “It’s been a while

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I ask myself “why can’t I just enjoy one like everyone else”. I hate that I can’t go tithe movies and enjoy snacks like I use to. It’s hard to fight. I hope the wedding goes well for you. Try changing your mindset. Focus on other things at the wedding. I think one way for us to “quit obsessing” over food is to think more on it in a positive way and tell ourselves not to. Idk. Just like smoking.. Telling yourself “don’t smoke, don’t smoke” and make yourself focus on something else


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