Body image and depression

Anyone else ever notice that whenever something good is happening something else always seems to come along and ruin the mood? No, just me?

I’ve finally gotten back into a routine with my running – my Asics app gives me a training plan, and I’ve been following it. But rather than start to feel good about my body for what it can do, ED reminds me that my stomach is pouchy any my arms are flabby abd my ass is shaped like a big box. I simultaneously want to binge and to starve. 

Then there’s the rest of my life – I finally accomplish one big task, and there’s 20 other things of equal importance that I feel guilty and anxious about neglecting. 

I’m just so tired of needing to do so much at once. I’m burnt out, plain and simple. Even the things I want to do I can’t seem to focus on bc my brain is simply done. 

And that just makes me feel like a giant failure, so the easiest thing to focus on is my body. It’s my fat stomach that’s the problem, not my life as a whole. 

I create these situations myself, I just don’t know how to get out. 

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