Piggy piggy oink oink

So I did good and went running today and yesterday but I also haven’t been able to stop stuffing my face. I guess I will need to run more to counteract that. 

I know I didn’t run at all for a month and then only very scarcely for a month or two before that, but I feel like now I’m back at square one and it’s really depressing. I had gotten used to running being almost fun, and pretty easy, and now it’s hard again and I don’t remember how to run like a beginner and I’m constantly getting shin splints. 

Summer is coming up. I’m in three weddings. I need to STOP EATING CRAP. Why am I always so hungry? I’m not even trying to restrict; I know I need to eat for my body to heal and my muscles to regenerate and whatnot. I had a veggie omelet for breakfast, a grilled portobello sandwich and fries for lunch, boiled veg for dinner, and even one of those individual serving-size cups of Edy’s Slow Churned ice cream. That should have been PLENTY OF FOOD, so why was I still starving? Why did I eat most of a bag of chips and four Cadbury eggs? 

Of course now I’m too full to go to bed, so I’ll end up not running tomorrow because I’m too tired, and that’s why I’m getting fat and out of shape. 

It’s a vicious cycle and I’m so sick of being stuck in it. 

1 thought on “Piggy piggy oink oink

  1. Rooting for you! I completely understand. Except I am not doing NEARLY as well as you. I still eat a bunch of crap that probably easily undoes the work at the gym I am doing. Trust me, I feel your pain. I need to figure out healthier things that fill me up so I am not tempted to eat junk.

    Did you know that sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger? That sometimes when we are thirsty, we think that we are hungry and eat something instead of getting some water (water is the only thing that really helps with it). So I would say: Have you tried drinking water instead of eating sometimes when you are hungry? It might help.

    I need to start running or something daily. Good job with that.


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