So kind of proud of myself. I’ve made it through the whole work week without binging once! Now if I can get through the weekend… Weekends are extra tough because there’s no structure. I need routine. During the week I’ve been doing breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack and I think that’s helped a lot to have a regular eating schedule. But on weekends I sleep late so breakfast is late and then there’s no morning snack but I’m not hungry at lunch so then I just end up having snack then, and then even if I have another snack in the afternoon I’m starving by evening and want to eat all the things. Also doesn’t help that I eat when I’m bored. Any advice?

3 thoughts on “Proud

  1. I know your exact issue! I’m always struggling on a weekend! Why not try making a new plan for a weekend for you to follow? Or, if you’re looking to set yourself an extra challenge why not reduce what you eat on weekends! Just think how proud you will be when you can do so well on weekends! Try to do it with only the snacks maybes??


  2. It might help to just force yourself to have lunch, even if you’re not really feeling hungry enough for it. Feeling a lil uncomfortable or full after it might be a small price to pay for avoiding a binge later on and feeling worse! Try and stick to your normal eating routine, good luck! 🙂


  3. Some kind of craft to occupy your brain and hands. In the summer i took up doing these sequin art thingies. They’re meant for kids but they distracted me. I got immersed in it and it took hours on my night off so i wouldnt then b/p xx


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