So I guess everyone was right. I’ve eaten lunch the past two days and I haven’t wanted to binge at all. Either it’s bc I’m getting sick and my throat hurts, or binging really is a response to restricting and eating normally is the cure.

Or maybe both.

Regardless, gotta figure out what I’ll eat for lunch tomorrow. I need structure or I’ll just go buy a box of chocolates. Maybe chicken noodle soup; that sounds lovely.


One thought on “Huh.

  1. GOOD JOB! Its 100% because you are eating lunches! I used to bunge 4-6 times a day, every single day! It wasnt until i started eating breakfast, lunch and dinner plus two snacks for a straight month that i stopped binging completely. P.s I know that it sounds overwhelming to eat so many meals, especially aftwr only eating like 2 times (sometimes 1 time a day) but found that it helped to eat my meals my way (as in make your own meals, and tell everyone else to back off)! goodluck! Proud of you for not binging!


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