New year, same shit

Just ate 80% of a bag of baked Cheetos and five Lindt truffles, in addition to a big dinner and the Chinese food I ate this morning. I am actually in pain. There was nothing enjoyable about that binge. Nothing. Tomorrow I’ll be going for a run for sure – maybe even dragging the hubs with me. I cannot take another year of this shit. Gotta commit to getting healthy, for real. No more binging, no more starving. Just fitness and clean eating. I mean it this time, really. I’ve got to admit that I’m a food addict and adopt a structured eating plan. I know what to do, now it’s time I actually do it.


2 thoughts on “New year, same shit

  1. I remember having the same thought process. Its hard, I know it is because I went through it/ am going through it. I know I dont know you, but I am glad you are admitting that you are a food addict. Good Job!


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