The worst

When you give into the urge and buy a box of cookies to binge on and they’re not even good cookies.

I can’t do this shit, guys. My SAD is kicking my ass and I just don’t have the mental strength to restrict and resist temptation. I don’t see my shrink for another couple weeks so here I am self-medicating with sugar and carbs.

And then January should be super fun when I don’t have insurance and will have to pick and choose which meds are worth refilling and prob won’t get to see my shrink at all.

I really need to move somewhere warmer. I actually got out of bed and went for a run this morning though, even tho it was only 16 degrees. That helped for like an hour. Maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow. Hopefully if I keep up with my fitness I won’t have tooooo much extra weight to lose in the spring.

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