Mirror, mirror…

I feel like my body image, the mirror, and the scale never match up. I feel like a gross mess this morning but the mirror says my stomach is still mostly flat. I didn’t dare weigh myself. A few weeks ago when I was at 112 I didn’t feel any thinner – or look any thinner – than at 116 where I seem to be stuck.

When I get home from work today I need to go for a run. Maybe that will help. I think I’m feeling gross bc I know how many cals I ate last night, so if I can burn some maybe I’ll feel better.

I wish I was one of those ppl who maintained their general size but didn’t give a shit about the exact number and didn’t freak out about some extra calories. Do those ppl really exist, or do I just assume most ppl are more normal than me?

Really wishing I’d skipped breakfast this morning, even tho I know it’s good I ate. I hate days like this.


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