So I hopped on the scale yesterday and I’m back to 116, which was receiving. I literally ate all the remaining binge food in my house Monday, so to go down that much in only a day of restricting means a lot if my “gain” must have just been bloat. But I’m still up four pounds from where I was two weeks ago so that’s a bit upsetting.

Anyway, to the title of this post. I finally ended my little pity party and went dragged myself out of bed Tuesday and today for a run, and it felt good! It’s amazing what a difference a morning run makes on my mood for the day. And I’m not one of those “runners high” people; I still find every mile to be work, but I do enjoy the effects when I’m done. And I won’t lie, I like the alone time too. The apt I currently live in with the hubs is very open-concept, which I know most people like but it means there is no where to go to be alone. We’re finally moving into our new house next week, which has more segmented rooms, and I think it will be a nice change of pace. But I digress.

I just wish I lived somewhere that didn’t have winter. Fall is great for running so that’s fine, but I can’t really see myself heading out when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Which I guess is why I have SAD.


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