All or nothing.

I always hear about this concept of “moderation,” but I can never seem to figure it out. I’m either starving or stuffing my face. I know I need to eat for muscle repair if I want to get fit, but I also want to lose weight and ED says I need to starve to do that. So I restrict all day and eat fried chicken tenders at night. I wish I could just manage three balanced meals… It doesn’t seem like it should be this hard.


2 thoughts on “All or nothing.

  1. I lost 23lbs in 55 days from removing animal protein from my diet…I struggle as an anorexic…but when I do eat, its whole, organic foods. I eat as much as I want …and regardless of the amount…typically my caloric intake is still extremely low. Ive been averaging 600-1000 calries a day…but im ALWAYS full. Because, fiber.



    1. I cut out all meat except fish and chicken like five years ago; I only agreed to eat chicken to make my fiance happy. But even when I was totally vegan (which I did for about 18 months prior to reintroducing chicken and fish) I was still all or nothing 😦

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