New month, new start? Not for me. I can never start anything new on a weekend; I consider every week to start on Monday (I love European calendars) and consider the real beginning of a month to be the first Monday. So I’m of course using these last two days to binge like crazy on all the shit still left in my house. Not too much candy though; we actually got a lot of trick-or-treaters this year so that’s good. But there is pie and cookie dough, which might actually be worse – those are actual b/p foods, not just foods I eat way too much of (candy digests way too quickly to effectively purge and so I usually just consider those binges a lost cause). I don’t want to end up purging, but I’m not sure I can stand to eat those things without doing so (and I know I’ll eat them because I’m big fatty at heart). But I want to make a new start on Monday – as long as I don’t buy replacements for these things, they won’t be in the house for me to eat after this. Thanksgiving is not at our place this year, so if I get the urge to bake I can just make something to bring then instead of having it in the house. Just found out that my wedding dress has arrived at the shop for my first fitting, so I’ve got to get serious about reducing this jiggle! I think I may sign up for another 5K, for right after Thanksgiving, to keep me motivated with eating clean and running in the cold.


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