I hate Halloween.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the costumes and the spookiness and the macabre aspect of it. I love dressing up and going to parties where everyone else is dressed up too. However, I hate that I’m CONSTANTLY surrounded by candy. At work, at home, at parties, at the store, etc. Candy has always been a major trigger food for me, and eating just one or two pieces is EXTREMELY hard. And unfortunately the problem only gets worse as the days go on – everyone is trying to get rid of the candy, whether it’s moms trying to get their kids candy out of the house so they don’t eat it or stores selling their leftovers at crazy discounts to make room for next season’s colorful confections. I’m actually glad I’ve been so enormously busy and stressed out at work – no time for snacking or even lunch, so that balances out the candy I eat in the evening.

Actually, I take my title back. I don’t just hate Halloween. I hate the entire season from mid-October to mid-April.



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